Rebirth of urban lifestyle with smart buildings and genius-level cities

Mission Statement:

At Alosanar, we’re on a mission to revolutionize the Smart Building Industry. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology into both existing and new buildings, from convention centers to stadiums, and entire clusters spread across multiple locations. By doing so, we empower, engage, and enable the individuals who inhabit these spaces. With a global reach, we offer a fresh and distinctive outlook on property ownership and the transformative potential of technology within it. 

Alosanar's Structure:

Alosanar operates through three main services: Advisor, MSI (Master Systems Integrator), and Sustainability and Energy Savings. Beyond these services, we’ve built a strong ecosystem of Relationships, Partnerships, and Friendships from around the world, bringing our collective years of expertise and ingenuity to you, for your benefit.

Who Is this future-centric “Alosanar”?

Alosanar is bigger than it offers. Beyond that, it symbolizes Relationships, Partnerships, and Friendships, forming a global family across continents and cultures. We’ve built a strong network of collaborators committed to your success, bringing expertise, innovation, and ingenuity.

At Alosanar, we’re dedicated to advancing the Smart Building industry. We excel in integrating the latest technological innovations into various structures, from convention centers to stadiums and even across building clusters in multiple locations. Our advanced solutions empower users, enhancing how they engage with and perceive their surroundings.

As a global enterprise, Alosanar offers a unique perspective, reshaping property ownership with advanced technology. Our commitment enhances spaces, creating a symbiotic relationship where technology improves buildings and occupants thrive. Alosanar is leading the future of smart buildings.

Cutting-Edge Creativity, Genius Problem-Solving

Our design philosophy is all about blending state-of-the-art technology with architectural genius. In true spirit, we work with architects, engineers, and stakeholders to revolutionize buildings, creating intelligent structures that satisfy aesthetic ambitions and redefine practicality. From the first spark of an idea to the last strokes on the project blueprints, we are committed to efficiency, sustainability, and fostering a healthier, happier living space for residents.

Customized Advisory Solutions

It’s all about recognizing the individual nuances of every project. Our seasoned crew has your back, providing custom advisory services that’ll guide you through the tricky waters of smart building integration. Whether you’re breaking new ground or giving an old structure a facelift, we’re here to provide insights that align with your aspirations. We’re all about boosting efficiency and plumping up your return on investment.

The Alosanar Creative Approach

We engage in property acquisition and building at any stage, involving single or multiple buildings.
In the Building Design LifeCycle:


Strategize and blueprint the building’s design and functionality.


Bring the design to life through construction and implementation.


Ensure all systems and components are operational and integrated.


Hand over the completed building to the client or owner.


Manage and maintain the building for optimal functionality and efficiency.

Alosanar adds value throughout a building’s lifecycle by collaborating with stakeholders, understanding their needs, and providing necessary inputs for progress. Unlike others limited to a single phase, Alosanar effectively covers each stage.

Alosanar adopts a business value approach, clearly defining project benefits and real estate impact to prioritize and secure funding. This value-driven approach integrates product technology and physical space for a unified view, enhancing human experience and real estate value.


Join us on our journey to unlock the future of smart buildings. With Alosanar’s expertise and dedication, your projects will reach new heights of success and sustainability. Let’s build a brighter future together.

What does Alosanar provide

At Alosanar, we’re your go-to for expert advice and seamless system integration. Whether it’s crafting custom solutions, devising strategies, or ensuring smooth implementation, we have your solutions right here. Our consultive advisory services offer tailored analysis and planning, while as a Master Systems Integrator (MSI), we bring together expertise in design, commissioning, integration, and testing. Trust us to optimize your systems and propel your business forward.


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